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More Color.
More Control.
Less Power.

Green Plants

For Horticulture
Cultivate success with advanced dynamic lighting solutions

At Crocus Labs, we understand the critical role lighting plays in optimising yield, quality, and plant health in controlled environment agriculture.

That's why we offer a range of innovative lighting solutions designed to empower Growers, Crop Scientists, Lighting Manufacturers, and Farm Builders: 


  • Sirius X.3

Leading R&D facilities and crop scientists rely on Sirius X.3 for its precise spectrum control, exceptional uniformity, and high efficacy. This dynamic lighting platform enables you to tailor light spectrums to specific growth stages and cultivate superior crops. 

  • Licht-1

Our latest advancement specifically designed for cannabis growers. Licht-1 delivers optimised spectra for vegetative and flowering stages, promoting vigorous growth, yields, and terpene profiles. 

Why us?

We bring benefits to Every Partner in the CEA Ecosystem


Achieve superior crop quality, maximise yields, and reduce operating costs with data-driven lighting strategies. 

Crop Scientists

Conduct groundbreaking research with unparalleled control over light spectrums for precise plant phenotyping and cultivation optimisation. 

Lighting Manufacturers

Farm Builders

Integrate our technologies into your next generation grow lights and stand out with superior performance and design flexibility. 

Deliver future-proof indoor farms and greenhouses equipped with Crocus Labs' dynamic lighting for unparalleled control and scalability.

Join leading growers and researchers who are achieving breakthrough results with Crocus Labs' dynamic lighting solutions!

Our team of experts is here to collaborate and provide the technical support you need to succeed. 

Cultivate a brighter future. Contact Crocus Labs today to learn more! 


For Human
Elevate your lighting design and integrate circadian technology

We empower lighting manufacturers and designers with cutting-edge solutions for circadian dynamic lighting.

Our technology allows you to create lighting systems that: 


  • Support Human Health & Wellbeing

Promote natural sleep-wake cycles and improve occupant well-being with dynamic light spectrums that boast high CRI for superior colour rendering. 

  • Enhance Cognitive Performance

Increase alertness, focus, and productivity in workspaces with circadian-informed lighting strategies, all while maintaining exceptional energy efficiency. 

  • Differentiate Your Designs

Stay ahead of the curve by offering clients the latest advancements in human-centric lighting, featuring tunable white and color LEDs and the ability to create custom spectrums for your application needs. 

Why us?

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support your design and manufacturing needs

Tunable White and Color LED Solutions

Create dynamic lighting systems that seamlessly adapt throughout the day. 

Custom Spectrum Development

Collaborate with our team to develop circadian lighting solutions tailored to specific applications.

Expert Support & Design Resources

Future-Proof Technology

Our team of specialists is here to collaborate and answer your technical questions. 

Stay at the forefront of lighting innovation with our commitment to ongoing research and development in high CRI, energy-efficient circadian lighting solutions. 

Elevate your lighting designs and unlock the power of circadian lighting. Contact Crocus Labs today! 

Beyond plant and human
Unlocking potential across the industry

With a full suite of enabling optoelectronic technologies, we have the propensity to open up fresh possibilities in lighting. We invite all researchers, manufacturers, and designers to join us and embark on a brand-new journey! 

Breaking boundaries: Our dynamic lighting solutions illuminate possibilities in fields such as: 

  • Analytical instruments 

  • In-cabin lighting 

  • Automotives 

  • Displays 


Partner with Crocus Labs to materialise your vision and future-proof your solutions with our cutting-edge lighting technology!


Together, let's light the way forward. Contact Crocus Labs today! 

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