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About us

We are a deep-tech company with a vision to "spark life into spaces” with a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team.


Our team of over 10 nationalities with a combined experience of >50 years in semiconductor, power electronics, sensors, electrical systems and horticulture.  

Our story



Founder had the vision to address the need for high quality and energy efficiency lighting systems to revolutionise the agriculture industry and beyond 


The Creation

With the first funding round, the company was founded under the name Crocus Labs GmbH 


First Validation

We had our first lighting systems installed at 2 CEA facility research institutes and a strawberry greenhouse 


EIC Funding

The European EIC program funded Crocus Labs as part of the Greendeal to protect the continent from energy and food security issues 


Seed Round

The second funding round accelerated our R&D activities, leading to significant improvements in energy efficiency and early commercial traction 



We broadened the reach, winning major CEA R&D facilitates as customers and partners


New Chapter

Noticing the traction our technologies are gaining in applications beyond CEA, we start to partner with industry players to explore new markets, such as human centric lighting

Our Partnerships and Recognition

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